DFG funds new Research Training Groups: Christian Kurts is speaker of "Bo&MeRanG"

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is establishing 16 new Research Training Groups to further support early career researchers in Germany. Four of the new groups will be International Research Training Groups (IRTG).

We congratulate Cluster member Prof. Christian Kurts, who is speaker of one of the four IRTGs! The Bonn and Melbourne International Research and Training Group (Bo&MeRanG) will start in April 2106 and covers the topic  „Myeloid Antigen Presenting Cells and the Induction of Adaptive Immunity”.

Bo&MeRanG aims at the development of a joint PhD program between Bonn and Melbourne, in which students work with eminent scientists at both locations. Areas of core expertise in Bonn include the role of local APCs in disease models, immune pattern sensing and transcriptional immune regulation. Notably, all German Bo&MeRanG applicants are "ImmunoSensation" members.

Melbourne is internationally recognized for excellence in research on T cells, NKT cells, DC subsets and for studying microbial infections. These areas are highly synergistic and, when combined, allow for much deeper scope and quality of research.

The scientific exchange between Melbourne and Bonn will not only substantially improve research quality, but will create a highly conducive environment for the training of students. A typical PhD candidature will cover 3 years (2 years at home, 1 year abroad) and will be embedded in a coordinated training programme with supervisors at both locations. Students will be selected based on the quality of their application and achievements. PhD students that successfully complete this international programme will be highly competitive for international academic careers in both countries and industry.

Professor Jim McCluskey, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for research, and Prof. Dick Strugnell, Pro-Vice Chancellor for graduate training at the University of Melbourne say "The University of Melbourne is absolutely delighted that the DFG have funded this Doctoral Training Group between Bonn University and the University of Melbourne. Bonn with its Cluster of Excellence “Immunosensation” is an outstanding institution in the discipline of immunology. Melbourne University's strategic plan for research calls for increased engagement with Germany, a European research powerhouse and we look forward to extending the individual relationships formed through this training group to larger research collaborations with Bonn University"

We concur fully and wish a successful start in 2016!

More information can be found here: Press release DFG, press release Uni Bonn