Supervision and qualification program

PhD students enrolled in the Bo&MeRanG training group will typically spend 2 years in their "home" laboratory and up to 12 months abroad. Each student enrolled in Bonn will have a primary supervisor in Bonn and a co-supervisor in Melbourne. Additionally, a mentoring system is in place which allows for an objective evaluation of the student's progress.


The qualification program includes:

Method workshops:

  • Isolation of myeloid cells from different organs
  • Theoretical and practical basis of MACS- and FACS- based isolation of myeloid cells
  • Cytoskeletal dynamics and video microscopy of myeloid cell motility
  • Genetic manipulation of myeloid cells
  • Murine models of acute and chronic infections
  • Advanced Multicolour Quantitative Microscopy
  • Next Generation Sequencing and Transcriptome Analysis
  • Biophysical Imagin
  • Advanced flow cytometry


Scientific skills:

  • Data Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Basic and advanced principles in Immunology
  • Good scientific practice & Data Management
  • Patent law, clinical trials
  • Seminars on current topics in immunology


Soft skills:

  • Presentation skills
  • Career Options
  • Scientific Writing
  • Current topics in Immunology

The selection procedure will involve screening of the written applications by the project leaders. Interested leaders will arrange interviews using our video conference system to ensure participation of the Australian co-supervisor in the evaluation process. Promising candidates fulfilling the selection criteria mentioned above are then invited to Bonn for a lab rotation to assess their lab skills and social compatibility.

Please send your application, preferably by email to

c/o Lucie Delforge
Prof. Dr. Christian Kurts
Institut für experimentelle Immunologie
Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25
53105 Bonn
Tel. +49 (0) 228 28711050